Our journey so far



Founded by V Thamotharalingam and R Kathirgamalingam as a consulting and professional services business with focus on both Engineering and IT consultancy. The company is registered in the Australian Capital Territory and has been providing services to both the ACT and Federal Government organisations since 1995.


Commencement of Sydney Operation

The company started to focus on providing IT consulting and professional services to the capital markets sector, specialising in trading and risk management systems.


Software System Specialisation

ITEC PLC started to provide consulting and professional services to Calypso, a leading software vendor specialising in trading, risk and STP processing system. This was followed up with services to NAB on their Credit and Interest Rate derivatives implementation based on the Calypso software system.


OTC Derivatives Clearing (Hong Kong)

ITEC PLC provided consulting services to the Calypso Technology on their OTC Interest Rate Derivatives Clearing project for the Hong Kong Exchange ITEC PLC incorporates subsidiary in Hong Kong.


OTC Derivatives Clearing (Sydney)

ITEC PLC provided consulting and professional services to the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) on their 0TC Interest rate clearing project based on the Calypso product.


Capacity building

We have began to expand our consulting capacity to offer various services, including integration and product support services on the Orchestrade Financial System product suite.


Establishment of R&D Division

We setup our R&D division (Spintronics ITEC Software Development) in India in July 2014. This division provides product development services both internally and to our clients.