Software Development and Support

ITEC PLC has deep experience in technology and process solutions, offer software development, support and IT consultancy. ITEC PLC focuses on helping clients to meet their business objectives. ITEC PLC deals with website development, database development and integration services also that is collectively termed as Enterprise application Integration or EAI. We continuously streamline our processes and methodologies based on latest technology trends. Our strategy to Discover, Plan, Execute and Support, are some of our strengths to offer cost effective and quality IT solutions to our clients.

IT Consultancy


ITEC PLC has a proven system for managing your IT needs. We reduce costs and optimize revenue with detailed analysis of your IT needs. ITEC boosts stability with alternative IT solutions to help your business. Our consultants understand your IT requirements. Our mission at ITEC is to deliver affordable IT solutions to potential clients. We think deeply on how we can help you to focus on running and growing your business. Let us help you with managed IT solutions and technical services that will ensure a positive experience.

Benefits of hiring ITEC for Software development and support

Engineering Consultancy
and staffing

ITEC has deep experience in engineering and process solutions, we have been providing civil engineering and electrical engineering consultancy and professional services to various organizations since 1995. We believe in creating comfortable learning environment that is professionally grounded for our employees and clients. Sourcing qualified engineers is a critical operation that requires a great deal of time and resources. These operations take time away from the central mission of a business, yet they are essential to the overall function of an organization.

Technical Centres of excellence

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